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Video Intervention Therapy (VIT)


Video Intervention Therapy (VIT) is an evidence-based, rapid means for bringing about change in human relationships. A video is made of two or more persons in interaction. One or more of these persons then looks at elements of the video together with the therapist or counselor. What is seen is reflected upon. Possibilities for change are considered. Because of the focus upon specific interaction patterns, this discussion can quickly be made productive and concrete.

One frequent use of VIT is for the treatment of child symptomology and parent-child interactional problems. This can be done with children of all ages, from preverbal infants to adolescents. Couple therapy is another frequent context. Supervision of professional staff (e.g., therapists, nurses, teachers, etc.) is another. Some psychotherapists and counselors who work mainly with adult individual clients also use VIT as an occasional supplemental help when a client has a problem in a relationship with a child, or with a partner.

Video Intervention Therapy draws extensively upon current infant and child developmental research (e.g., Beebe, Fivaz-Depeursinge, Nadel, Papousek, Rochat, Stern, Tronick, Ziegenhain) as well as related adult-adult interaction research (e.g., Frey, Heller). Its practical procedures reflect elements of both psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral therapy. It is being used in a number of psychiatric and family treatment settings in France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

VIT is also an integral part of several research projects concerning parent-infant and parent-child psychotherapy. A book on VIT, with overviews of its application in both clinical and research settings, is currently being written by George Downing.