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Video Intervention Therapy (VIT)

Seminars « Body-Focused Therapy »

George Downing also teaches Body-Focused Therapy, a cognitive behavioral form of body psychotherapy.

In classic cognitive behavioral therapy the therapist explores a patient’s thoughts and emotional feelings, together with the relations between them.  BFT  adds the key concept of “body organizing.”  The patient investigates the close ties among all three: thoughts, feelings, and body organizing, together with how they mutually influence one another.  The patient is helped as well to discover more constructive body organizing alternatives, which then can be activated in combination with more functional thought alternatives.

Some BFT techniques are used as well for the processing of trauma.

BFT can be done with both adults and children.  It is currently practiced in a number of psychiatric and other mental health institutions.

Body techniques are also used at times in the context of Video Intervention Therapy.  BFT and VIT are complementary approaches, sharing much in common.  Both place a strong emphasis on the role of body organizing in human interaction.

See the seminars list for occasions when BFT body techniques are taught.  In Munich and in Helsinki George Downing and colleagues teach more extended trainings in BF-CBT.  In Munich all seminars are held in German. See www.mak-fortbildung.de for more information.
In Helsinki all seminars are held in Finnish, with the exception of George Downing’s seminars which are held in English. See http://www.psykofyysinenpsykoterapia.fi

For a fuller description of this methodology see George Downing, “Early interaction and the body: Clinical implications,” in Marlock, G. Weiss, H., Young, C. & Soth, M. (2015), The Handbook of Body Psychotherapy and Somatic Psychology. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books. See also chapter 22 of Michal Heller (2012), Body Psychotherapy: History, Concepts, Methods. New York: Norton.